With cooler weather just around the bend …we belles start thinking about slow cooked, melt-in-your-mouth comfort dishes…especially those that upgrade the standard casserole effort without too much extra time in the kitchen.
The only issue we had while making this recently was the fact that the cooler weather hasn’t quite made it this far south!!  We cranked up the stove…and then the oven for 2 1/2 hours…in a small kitchen while the air conditioning was on the blink. What were we thinking?!?! Proceed with visual of hissy fit…. 

Although our tempers were tested, we were way judgier about the result of this Veal Osso Buco from Epicurious

So we thank our lucky stars and y’all will too when you taste this mouthwatering,  beautifully seasoned fall-worthy dish. 

We didn’t change a thing, initially because we were madder than wet hens about the heat situation, but it turns out this recipe needs no tweaking. It’s perfect just the way it is…as long as it’s not a 110 degrees in your kitchen…just sayin 

The Belles’ Favorite Osso Buco

All you need to do is a little chopping …

A little dredging…

Brown zee meat…

Add a few ingredients 

Leave to cook for awhile 

And then voila…

Serve and savor!

Risotto, polenta or potatoes all work beautifully with this dish. But…we chose to serve it with sautéed spinach as we were still in swimsuit season when we taste tested.  This would be fabulous for a dinner party as well.

Bon appetit