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One teen belle just had her 20th birthday. She’s a Thanksgiving baby and we will always be grateful and thankful for this lovely young lady. She kindly and thoughtfully produced a birthday gift list which is ever-so-helpful.  After perusing it, we noticed a pajama line that we have purchased for ourselves and our moms. With Christmas around the corner, how wonderful to find a gift that will please all belles. 

Soft, silky, comfortable and washer friendly. A worthy belle gift!!! 

Swing top.                                                                           Robe

Lounge pants.                                                     Lounge shorts

Tank top


Fair warning…don’t accidentally throw in your P.J.Harlow pajamas into the wash with the towels one might have been bleaching. Ours now look tie dyed but we are still sporting them as they haven’t lost their comfort factor! 

Happy shopping!