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SOS!!  All belles on deck!!  We are putting out an APB for a replacement for one belle’s all-time favorite shoe!!

Exhibit A…on the right…is one 5-year-old Fendi – the apple of momma’s eye – so stunningly simple and beautiful that both belles purchased a pair while on a joint shopping jaunt way back when – so beloved that one belle had to talk herself out of wearing them every single chance she got (give the other girls a chance, momma!)

Until…5-year-old Fendi met 3-year-old Lily, the Golden Retriever who is extremely lucky she is so doggone cute and sweet…and is therefore still alive.  After some hysterics, this belle did the only thing she could think to do.  She commenced to shopping, scouring every website her little fingers could hammer out.  Alas, no exact replacement found.

Enter Exhibit B…on the left…one vintage Jimmy Choo found at the “vintage/resale” site The Real Real. While seemingly nowhere near a logical replacement for poor little Fendi, Jimmy Choo actually possesses some qualities which just might do the trick (at least in some situations).  Barely there and somewhat of a neutral color, Jimmy is just gonna have to do in a pinch!

In the meantime, we belles have contacted Fendi with a plea for help…and would love your input…

…and Lily remains oblivious to the gravity of the situation!