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After a long winter and with spring upon us…we decided we needed to upgrade our outdoor seating. Our lovely Libby-belle was also a big contributor to this little endeavor! 

This little troublemaker is lucky she’s so cute.  If we could locate the pics, we’d show you what happened when she ate the stuffing right out of these cushions…but until then you’ll have to use your imagination.  Just picture a sea of white cotton candy all over a bright green backdrop. Lovely no? 

Anyhoo…time to do a lil refresh.  We went to a fabulous local lady who just happens to be very good at what she does (beyond good actually). Her name is Barbara Steele, and her company is Needles and Thread (needlesandthread.barbara@gmail.com – 281-974-7317). She can do anything. Really, anything! 

We picked a sunbrella outdoor fabric in a neutral, and then for a little fashion flair (and what any good southern belle would do)…a monogram ! 

The monogrammer did an incredible job don’t you think?  We used Missy Underwood of Underwood Embroidery, 120 East Main Street, Walhalla (864-718-5414).  And…of course…we always think bigger is better!

Love the idea of creating comfortable seating on the pillars!! 

Time to relax and enjoy!!