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Our TALKGreenville adventures took us out to the hip side of town this month.  Birds Fly South Ale Project was quite the cool experience.  Click here for the published article…read on for the details…

drinkin’ on the job…somethin’s brewin’

We headed into Greenville’s hip West End Water Tower District for this month’s “drinkin’ experience”…landing with the cool birds at Birds Fly South Ale ProjectWe could not believe how cutting-edge we felt as we pulled into this up-and-coming area that was all aflutter, much to our surprise and delight.  Owners Lindsay and Shawn Johnson welcomed us to their uber-chill nest of ale activity…and we nest-led right in.  You will want to do the same!

What’s brewin’… 

First, about the name.  Lindsey and Shawn, both with Southern roots, spent years on the fly with the Coast Guard but were always lookin’ to head back South.  When the opportunity presented itself, they flew right in and settled in Greenville…thank goodness!  Shawn’s passion for beer took root and the rest is history.  They make craft beer with a “throwback approach” saying, “we don’t make beer, we wait for the beer to tell us what it wants to be”. We were quite impressed with how smart beer is these days!

Sip and Savor… 

Our first foray into this ale-tasting was a surprisingly colorful array of brews.  After perusing the vast menu and making some picks, we were presented with a group of 4-ounce pours to sip and savor…giving us the chance to pick a fave or two.  Rustic Sunday was one favorite with its hint of rye and golden color, while Anchorage was perfect for a neutral, classic palate.  Other offerings ranged from a dark and earthy brew called Parachute to Joos Raspberry with a strong element of fruit (the wine spritzer of beers if you will).  Across the board, Shawn’s creations did not disappoint!

photo by Cindy Hosea

Brand New Eyes and Petite Blanc…

We had a tie for our “blue ribbon” award!  While this place had us looking at everything with new eyes, Brand New Eyes was a delight for our feminine tastes. Citrusy, mild, smooth and mellow, it’s the perfect sipping ale for a warm day. And Petit Blanc locked us in and kept us wanting more.  Because we are foodie-centric, we were particularly pleased with this wine-infused ale. Talk about elevating your average beer!

from mobilefoodnews.com

Keep on truckin’…

The Johnsons keep a steady schedule of local food trucks pulling in for their patrons’ nibbling pleasure, and they bring in live music to keep the crowds entertained (beyond beer, music is another of Shawn’s passions).  If it happens to be a quiet afternoon/evening, pick up a game (Cards Against Humanity, anyone?) and have some fun. Their “urban farmhouse” is designed to inspire conversation, exploration and sharing.

If you have not discovered the West End Water Tower District, let us fill you in.  The area is home to an old cotton warehouse now known as Hampton Station.  Birds Fly South, and their neighbors (which will soon include White Duck Taco) have taken the area up a notch or two.  Seems we had been missin’ out on where the cool kids hang out.  Now that we have found it, good luck keepin’ us in the city! 

Birds Fly South Ale Project . 1320 Hampton Ave Ext . Greenville . bfsbeer.com