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It’s that time of year again, belles!  Those babies are graduating (they’re barely out of nappies…right?!) and it’s time to reward their amazing accomplishments, celebrate their achievements and send them on their merry way.  Stumped??  Well…we have some India-inspired ideas for you…

The Crown Jewels jewelry case…to let her know what a precious gem she is (shown with the Shuffle and Deal wallet and the Free Spirit necklaces…may she always be free!)

The Firefly will let her shine, shine, shine (and keep the necessities on hand)!

The Flat Stanley pouch…don’t let her forget her inner child!

The Riviera Tote will come in handy for the girl on-the-go (in palmpoppy and rapeseed yellow)

The Riviera Wash Bag in poppy and palm (also available in rapeseed yellow)…because we want her to always be prepared for an adventure 

For her extended excursions…maybe she needs the whole kit-n-kaboodle with the Riviera Duffle, the Baby Riviera and the wash bag…’cause bein’ a bag lady ain’t a bad thing! (Shown in rapeseed yellow, also available in poppy and palm)

The Biscayne Bay bag will prove to be an essential for move-in day and beyond…while the Baby Biscayne keeps the smaller goodies all nice-n-tidy

The Gypsy Dancer earring…may she always remember to dance!

The Winning Streak necklace…because her winning streak has just begun

But no need to stop there…check out the jewelry and Indie tokens yourself.  Ya never know what treasures you might find!!

Wrap it up, belles!