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We are suckers for shoes and have been known to drop a coin or two on a really beautiful pair. We also like a great find at a fraction of the price. Alas, often these sub-par duplicates don’t even begin to compare in style, comfort and quality.

But every once in a while we score, and this is one such magical moment. 

We both covet Valentino and in particular the Rockstud Collection . The square-heeled version is one that has us drooling lately…

Swoon-worthy, aren’t they?? You can get the real deal here but they come at a hefty price. 
We were looking for a more financially fiscal version as we weren’t sure we would get the price-per-wear out of them.  And did we ever find an awesome dupe!!!!

Check THESE out…

We ordered them here and they are perfect!! Wore them right out of the box for hours the first day!

We have been wearing them practically every day since!!! 

Thank you Kaitlyn Pan and Amazon

You need!!