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For quite a few years, a traveling band of belles would descend upon northern California.  (We need to start up that trek again, by the way!). For years, one of our compulsory stops was the Shu Uemera store in San Francisco. We would often frequent that fabulous store two or three times before we headed out of town! When Shu Uemura closed its doors stateside, we wore black for months. 

So when we discovered their website we were delighted, but struggled a bit because we couldn’t really see, touch, and try the shadows.  By the way, their shadows are beautifully pigmented, are gorgeous wet or dry, and there is no “fall out”.

And then a wonderful thing happened….they started created palettes…full sixteen-strong palettes!!! And all the colors are magnificent!! 

These are the two they have right now…

The blushing beige palette

And the fresh nudes palette

Buying these shadows separately would set you back substantially, so this is quite a bargain!

And – bonus – they last forever…one belle has had this one for two years! 

Excuse zee messiness of it, but notice how much remains…and it is used constantly!! 

The beige palette is on order – because every belle likes to create a collection! 
You won’t regret this purchase! Pinkie promise!