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While summer isn’t quite “soup season”, a chilled, belleicious summer soup is right up our alley! A dear belle-friend shared one of her creations over the weekend…a chilled cucumber soup with lots of dill and a cayenne kick (thanks, Marion!!).  It got us thinking about this summer delight.  

We’ve talked about cucumber soup before (here) as one of our favorite ways to keep the kitchen (and ourselves) cool…

This particular version is super simple…just a cup of buttermilk, a handful of herbs (cilantro, mint, basil…take your pick), two cucumbers, the juice of one lime, and salt & pepper.  Toss it all in a VitaMix or blender and puree away.  Garnish with herbs and maybe some extra minced cucumber, and you are all set!

Another version we want to try soon comes from Andrew Zimmern at Food & Wine

via Food & Wine

Zimmern’s version adds onion (yum!), dill, tarragon, and lots of other belleiciousness.  This is a must-try, belles!