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Lookin’ for some guilty-pleasure weekend TV watchin’?  Here are some suggestions on the top of our lists…

from IndieWire

Gypsy….we love anything with Naomi Watts and she does a fabulous job playing a psychiatrist with a few problems of her own…

from Dailymotion

Reign…a historical drama about Mary Queen of Scots…the characters are fantastic in this Netflix drama and with four seasons the intrigue will keep you going through plenty of rainy days.

from TVSeriesFinale.com

Bloodline..be careful with this one…this family drama is full of twists and turns and you could find yourself unable to leave the house!

from DailyExpress

Ozark  All our belle friends are raving about this gripping thriller. Jason Bateman (who they also say has aged very well indeed) plays a financial adviser turned to money laundering …its next in line for our binge-watching! 

Catastrophe Hilariously inappropriate!  This is an honest and uproariously hysterical look at an accidental pregnancy, child-rearing, marital struggles and career challenges.  (And this is the one Carrie Fisher was filming in London…leading to her tragic flight home to LA.  She plays the cantankerous mom)

Happy viewing, belles…and take a break every now & then!