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We’ve been hittin’ the bottle again for TALKGreenville…check it out in September’s issue!!

from thecommoncure.com

If you’ve been around Greenville for a while, you might remember Campbell’s Pharmacy…where prescriptions could be filled but the soda fountain treats did a far better job of perking you up than any ole pharmaceutical could! If you never had their orange-ade, well bless your heart. But, that old location has a new occupant, The Common Cure Bar + Brill, with lots of “over the counter remedies” to cure what ails ya. 

Our kind of cleanse…

The “Cleanser” is not to be missed! We tasted the Rum Haven coconut rum as one of us has claimed she’s not the biggest fan of coconut-flavored liquors. Well, a girl can change her mind. It was so clean, crisp, and refreshing we’d drink it on its own! But why do that when you can actually “cleanse” with it? Layered with flavor, this concoction combines the Rum Haven with cucumber juice, strawberry, soda and a float of Myers Rum. A cleanser a day keeps the doctor away…just sayin.

The Pusser’s Painkiller… 


Back-to-school doldrums be gone. This cocktail is the perfect remedy. This is a true painkiller…just like in the islands…as it’s made using Pusser’s Rum (a must for it to even tout the name). Add a bit of pineapple juice, orange juice and cream of coconut…almost there! The sprinkle of nutmeg floating on the top assures all your summertime vacations and island-hopping memories stay fresh while you adjust to back-to-school reality. This liquid concoction wants you to feel no pain…so sip slowly. You don’t want to be overprescribed!

The Common Cold… 


A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but ice cream and bourbon make it a whole lot easier to swallow! September can be rife with those pesky summer colds and can also still be sizzling hot…but this grown-up treat sooths and cools you in just the right way. A classic vanilla milkshake so thick it hurts your cheeks trying to get it through the straw along with a healthy dose of Bulleit Bourbon and crumbled bacon make this the perfect answer when you need to keep your cool. 


While perusing the menu at The Common Cure, one might be curious as to how the DCD Burger got it’s name. No…it’s not an acronym for certain ingredients (like a BLT). There’s only one “D” ingredient…and that’s the Dragon sauce. We got the scoop for ya. It’s a special burger concocted by a group of dads who have been dubbed the “Dark Corner Dads”. They are regulars who tend to gravitate to the corner booth when they are in residence. So try their burger (it’s awesome), but don’t try to take their seat!

The “Cure” truly is a “come as you are and bring the kids” kind of place…no high brows to be found. And there is something to please everyone on the menu. Choose from a long list of starters (try the “Hog Wings”…smoked pork shanks), a wide variety of sandwiches and salads, and a “fry” to satisfy almost any craving (waffle fries, shoestring fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings). Trying to lay off the carbs? Any sandwich can be served as a lettuce wrap. Low-carb heaven! We are glad to say that this place is in our very own ‘hood. But even if it weren’t, it would be worth the trek. 

The Common Cure Bar + Grill . 15 Conestee Avenue . Greenville . 864.520.2118 . thecommoncure.com