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While we each tend to have our favorite cocktail (Mount Gay & soda…Blanton’s & water), we are up for trying just about anything!  (All in the name of research for our TALKGreenville articles, of course)

That’s why this article from Liquor.com caught our eye.  Since we are not necessarily scotch drinkers, we consider it a challenge to make this elixir a bit of a focus for this month…and because “Scotch-tober ” has a catchy ring to it!

One scotch that we will certainly try is Auchentoshan…because it apparently has the vanilla and caramel notes of a bourbon.  Right up one belle’s alley!  We will just sub it in and see what we think.

Another goal will be to find a couple of mixed concoctions that suit our tastes.  A Manhattan or Old Fashioned mixed with scotch might be a hit.

(Image by Virginia Miller via Liquor.com)

Or how about something creamy and sweet mixed with Scotch??!  This one uses yogurt, honey, chocolate, and habanero bitters.  Who knew such a serious liquor could actually be fun??

(The Ichor & Glass at the Dewberry, Charleston, SC.  Image by Virginia Miller via Liquor.com)

Or maybe we will head down to Charleston and hit up the Dewberry for this beautiful, rosy, scotch-based creation.

The possibilities are endless, belles!