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One of us was blessed enough to attend Tulane University…actually belles went to Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University…Sophie Newcomb is no more, but the belles live on…

It was an amazing stroke of luck to get to spend those college years with a slew of fabulous girls…all with personality, charisma, mischief and creativity.  We thought it was about time we shared the tremendous creations and gifts they have brought to the world.

There is a long list, and they each deserve their own spotlight…so we will share them one at a time.

Sara Ruffin Costello is our first belle star! From the first day she stepped on campus, she was vibrant, vivacious, exhuberant and magnetic!  She was part of the dynamic team that started Domino Magazine…which is to this day one of our favorite mags…we only wish it was still a monthly.

Now we are proud to say that she has authored the most beautiful and extraordinary book…About Decorating.  In it, she writes about the work of famed Richard Keith Langham

Via Amazon

Even the hard cover is scrumptious…

Courtesy of Sara Ruffin Costello

And inside…oh my!  Yes, please!

Anyone who appreciates interiors, enjoys home design, seeks style with a touch of flair will adore this book…and it’s a great addition to any library or coffee table.

Y’all order it on Amazon!!

What a beautiful creation you’ve made, Sara…thank you for sharing!