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We were blown away at a recent dinner party given by an extremely sweet, creative, fun belle-friend!  This party was so well-thought-out and executed, we just had to share some of the details!

As guests arrived, we were greeted with a tray of champagne cocktails with floating cranberries…setting the scene for the pre-holiday event.

Fun fact…in order to test the ripeness of a cranberry, it is bounced.  If it bounces about 4 inches, it’s good to go!

But the libations didn’t stop there.  Guests were free to pick their poison…

This is cocktailin’ heaven!

The focus of the event was Thanksgiving…our most favorite holiday!  Prior to attending, we were given links to Thanksgiving trivia sites so that we could “study up”.  Test your own knowledge here and here and here.  At trivia time…it was game-on!  Our hostess with the mostest had a belle-ringin “prize table”…

…with lottery tickets, candles, tequila (one of us came home with this!), sausages, a puzzle, and much, much more!!

While our hostess shifted gears from game referee to chef, guests had the chance to relax by the fire…

…which, by the way, was perfect as we FINALLY had an evening that felt like fall!!  (80 degrees the day before made this all the more exciting!)

And now for the table and other belle-ringin’ decor…


And our hostess loves to downplay her talents…but this creation speaks for itself!

We are now duly inspired and ready for the weeks to come.  Bring on the eggnog!!