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Our latest TALKGreenville cocktailin’ adventure…

(photo from halloffamesportsgrill.com)

We fancy ourselves to be quite sporty…you just might not know it to look at us.  We tend to favor heels over flats, “dressed up” over “dressed down”, and when accessorizing, we go with “more is more”!  We look like girlie-girls, but we can get into a football game with the best of any manly-man! That’s why we dig a good sports bar.  When any worth-the-bourbon game is on, a good venue with TV’s in every nook and cranny really rings our belle!  And it’s a bonus when the drinks are flowing and delicious…and when the staff is like your best friend but you might have just met! Hall of Fame Sorts Grill…”a sports bar like no other”on Wade Hampton is just that place!!

(photo by Nathan Gray)

What color do you bleed?…

Gamecock or Tiger, Hall of Fame has just the drink for you…in the form of a grown-up slushy!  Always at the ready, swirling with icy deliciousness in machines at the bar, these are a must-try for any die-hard fan.  The garnet Gamecock is a bit like a raspberry margarita (but with vodka) and the Tiger is a blend of mango and orange.  And for the family divided, they will gladly give you a half-n-half.  How convenient!

(photo by Nathan Gray)

Deep Eddy in a Can

Believe it or not, we prefer simple over complicated…let the ingredients speak for themselves…and here they are singing in perfect harmony! Deep Eddy lemon vodka, club soda, triple sec, fresh mint and a splash of fresh lemon juice are served in a can of whimsy that is sure to keep this classic cocktail cool as the betting gets hot!  We cheer for team Deep Eddy!

The Man Mosa
No better way to watch the Super Bowl than in a classy sports bar that pumps up the standard mimosa to a new level. You will, of course, find the usual champagne and oj in this one…but they add lemon vodka, gran marnier, and raspberry liquer for good measure (just in case you feel the need for more alcohol with your alcohol).  This boozy beverage will have any fan cheering at full throttle.  We are betting that this one will be a winner every time!

(photo by Nathan Gray)

Sunday Bloody Sunday…

Sunday brunch without a bloody is a bloody shame!  Well…Hall of Fame has some bloody good options to solve that problem.  Choose from the revved-up “Spicy Southern 500”, the “Zesty Lemon Julious Pepper” version, or the “Mexican Futbol Ashtray” (while the name…ashtray…might cause pause, just jump right in.  Trust us!)  Sunday just got a lot more interesting!

With the Super Bowl looming, you might be trying to come up with a viewing game-plan.  While you could always fire up your own grill, set up your own bar…and then do dishes all day on Monday, who wants all that hassle? Hall of Fame has the food, the drinks, the game, and the dishwashers! And speaking of the food…we are true fans of really good pub grub, and odds are y’all will agree that Hall of Fame hits it out of the ball park. From their wings, to their chicken fingers, to their tenderloin bites, there is something for everyone. And – weather permitting – you might get to enjoy their cozy outdoor patio for a bit of fresh air as well.  All sports, all the time…Hall of Fame is the place to relax, watch, and enjoy.

Hall of Fame Sports Grill . 531 Wade Hampton Boulevard . Greenville

(864)609-4181 . halloffamesportsgrill.com

Angi Einstein and Alex Ryan – www.therarebelle.com