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 We are still at the cocktailin’! Here’s our latest contribution to TALKGreenville

There’s a new kid in town…and she brought some boom magic with her! Tacozzini is the new happenin spot in the heart of the Augusta Road area that by all accounts is both awesome and unexpectedowner Amy Rinkowski’s definition of “boom magic”. It’s the perfect spot to duck in after some holiday party-hoppin’ for a relaxing end to a hectic day (or maybe you need a mid-day pick-me-up…a respite from all the shoppin’…just sayin’).  While Amy has had her hands in the restaurant biz for quite a while, this is the first “baby” of her very own…with a menu created in her very imaginative head where tacos and pizza sit side-by-side, and hand-crafted cocktails get their own unique spin. We like where she’s goin with this!

And speaking of those hand-crafted, inventive cocktails, these folks are adamant about a full 2 ounce pour with the spirits and carefullymeasured ingredients to ensure a consistent product every time!  We just love precision in cocktailin’!


photo by Nathan Gray

Buchi Hibiscus Tea

All of the handcrafted cocktails here are simply divine. They use only the highest quality ingredients, insuring that you can get a simply-done, tasty beverage without all the fluff that masks any inferior product. With the holidays upon us, it’s vastly important to look out for ourhealth and the Buchi Hibiscus Tea will save you from all the excess of holiday partying. Made with Buchi peach and ginger kombucha (which all by itself is a taste thrill…just sayin’), Tito’s vodka and a hint of hibiscus, this is the perfect answer for all those into health and well-being. You just can’t go wrong with this one!


photo by Nathan Gray

The Spinster 

Amy and her husband married in Belize, and on the marriage license he is identified as a bachelor while Amy is documented as spinster (defined as an older woman well past the suitable age for marriage  which by the way is a hoot, as there is nothing old or unsuitable about this firecracker of a gal!) She decided to pay homage to this quite hysterical Belizian memory with this bit of R&R in a glass. Rum Haven coconut rum (which is made with coconut water) is blended with fresh pineapple juice, a hint of bitters and a dash of simple syrup creating the ideal cocktail to melt the stress away.

photo by Nathan Gray

The Mango Habanero Margarita 

We haven’t tasted a margarita this good in a long time…maybe ever! The flavors are subtle – muddled mango, just a hint of habanero, plenty of lime and Lunazul tequila (which is very good –  100% blue agave – but you can get “top shelf” if you prefer). Even those with tender tastebudswill appreciate the nuances of this well-balanced, muy deliciosa cocktail!

photo by Nathan Gray

tacos-n-pizza…a marriage made in foodie heaven

These aren’t the pizzas you get in Italy or the tacos you get in Mexico…trust us!  These are mind-blowin’, foodie versions that kick the old classics out of the water!  With a focus on flavor and freshness, every bite is a feastin’ fiesta (or festa in italiano).  And, just to one-up your basic pizza once again, Amy found the very best cauliflower crust as a nod to her gluten-free guests, but – to her surprise – it’s flying out the door faster than the regular crust.  We are hard-core fans!

photo by Nathan Gray

Open for lunch and dinner every single dayyes, even Sunday and Monday…Amy might get tired of seeing us!  It’s just too easy to belly up to the bar to enjoy our favorite beverage alongside our current obsession, the Greek Street pizza, or perhaps something off the “not-so-secret secret-menu” (you MUST ask!) and call it a day.  

A resident of the neighborhood herself, Amy wanted a casual, kick-back kind of place where locals could gather, visit, watch a game, and grab a bite & a beverage without an ounce of pretense. Mission accomplished!  #boommagic


Tacozzini . 1818 Augusta Street, Suite 120 . Greenville . 

864-568-9289 . tacozzini.com