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Happy 2019, belles!! We must admit, the holidays were a blur, and now we find ourselves in mid-late January! How does this happen?? We’ve realized it’s time to get serious about settling into 2019. First up…get rid of 2018, 2017, 2016…2006…you get it, right!?

Read this from Life Hack to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Then get busy!

We love this list from HGTV on what you can toss now:

Spare contact lens cases

Broken costume jewelry


Wrinkled wrapping paper and crushed bows

Latex paint (if it’s more than a year old)

A bread machine

VHS workout tapes

Manuals for appliances and electronics (they’re all available online)

Cookbooks you’ve cracked open once

Random vacuum cleaner attachments

Old remote controls you don’t recognize

Scrunchies that have lost their scrunch

Incomplete decks of playing cards

Bridesmaid dresses (go to operationprom.org for info on how to donate)

Take-out menus (everything’s online!)

Picture frames with broken easel backs

Road maps (hello GPS)


Unidentifiable keys

Almost empty bottles of bubbles

In-line skates

Contents of goodie bags from kids’ parties

Impossible puzzles no one has ever finished

Free gifts from cosmetic purchases

Orphan mittens

Travel guidebooks

Chargers for old electronics

Wire hangers from the dry cleaner (return them to your cleaners)

Dusty potpourri

Chopsticks and soy sauce packets

Your “fat” clothes

Carpet remnants

Filled coloring books

Stretched-out bras

Scratched nonstick pans

Anything with an antenna

Prescription eyeglasses that are no longer your prescription (go to lionsclubs.org for info on how to donate)

Umbrellas with bent or broken spokes

Allen wrenches from DIY furniture

Checkbook registers

Disposable cameras

Musical instruments no one plays anymore (go to Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation for info on how to donate)

Business cards

Smelly towels


Fancy loose teas you received as a hostess gift

The Yellow Pages

Soccer uniforms the kids have outgrown or no longer need

And this one from Somuchbetterwithage.com

We don’t think there’s anything more gratifying then a good edit…

Go ahead and lighten your load!