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This month’s cocktailin’ adventure involves no fancy flourishes or complicated concoctions.  We headed out to visit Terri and Tom Davis at Thomas Creek Brewery for a super relaxed brew-tasting experience…and ended up with a surprise or two.  One of us has simply never developed a taste for beer…and has, therefore, never, ever drunk a whole beer in her life.  Well…never say never!  This chick got her brew-groove on in a big way and is now totally on the Thomas Creek band wagon!

When bacteria is your friend…

So what could cause a non-beer-drinkin’ gal to fall in love with what – for all intents and purposes – is a “beer”? Terri, in all her infinite brewing wisdom and experience, explains that dedicated wine drinkers are usually the biggest fans of a good sour.  A sour is made with wild bacteria and yeasts, while beers are made in sterile environments with specific yeast strains.  Thus, in this case, bacteria rocks!  Dedicated beer fans tend to enjoy the unusual flavors in a sour while those who typically don’t take tobeer at all are pleasantly surprised by its kinder, gentler side.

We did some sampling…here’s how it went…


Photo by Nathan Gray

Feelin’ Berry Peachy…

This beer is the lightest of all our samplings. It’s important to note if you are tastetesting, start with this one or you won’t be able to taste its subtle undertones. A touch of blueberry adds some tartness, peaches add a sweet nuance and there is a hint of saltiness on the back end which we thoroughly enjoyed.


Photo by Nathan Gray


This nitro’s name means cherry in Zulu. True to one of these belles South African roots, it was an obvious choice both in name and flavor. Distinct but not overpowering, hints of cherry come to the forefront as you sip this creamy, delish, surprisingly dark creation.  The name came a long time before the actual brew. We can firmly say this one was worth the wait!


Photo by Nathan Gray

Sour IPA…

Third up on the agenda was the Sour IPA which is a pretty doggone perfect brew!  It melds a sour and an ipa in a very balanced fashion..no easy task in the brewing business. This beer (along with pretty much any beverage on the menu) would be perfect with what claims to be the worlds best Reuben (the key is a mix of pastrami and corned beefwhat else would we expect from these masters of blending?). 

Photo by Nathan Gray

Deep Water Stout…

The Deep Water Stout was the last, but in no way the least, masterpiece we tasted.  Folks often equate a dark beer with a very heavy finish and a strong bitter taste. Not here!  Roasted barley is what makes it a stout with a slight hint of coffee flavor. Malt creates the color and adds no bitterness. We found this to be our surprise favorite of the lot, but they are all winners in our book!  (And our book is getting pretty big…just sayin)

Photo by Nathan Gray

What’s cookin

After operating Thomas Creek for a full 20 years, Terri and Tom decided to take it a step further in January of 2019 with the opening of their kitchen.  Now they are serving up some pretty substantial nibbles to accompany the brews!  We are saving up on our calorie and carb counts so that we can treat ourselves to “Peggy’s Poutot’” (tater tots topped with cheese curds and brown gravy) and maybe a pizza or two. And if the smoker is goin’ the chopped pork is to-die-for!!

Whether you are heading out there for a quick sip or planning an event, don’t hesitate for even a sec!  Their indoor and outdoor spaces work beautifully for casual events, and they are almost always open.  No excuses…just go!

Open Sunday 1-8pm and Mon-Sat 10am-8pm

Thomas Creek Brewery . 2054 Piedmont Highway . Greenville . (864)605-1166 . thomascreekbeer.com