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Check out our latest cocktailin’ experience for TALK Greenville…currently in the September edition…

from reids.com

There’s a new kid coming to one particular Main Street block, and he’s creating quite a buzz! Reid’s for Fine Foods will soon be completing its overhaul of the former Caviar & Bananas space on Laurens Street (just off of Main) in downtown Greenville for its first South Carolina location! Our friends up the highway in Charlotte have long sung its praises…and now we can get in on the action!!

It’s Five O’Clock somewhere…and other goodies

Reid’s iconic Five O’Clock Crunch…from reids.com

Over the years, we have been the recipients of many a container of Reid’s now-iconic “Five O’Clock Crunch”…much to our delight (and obsession)! While they offer this delectable snack mix and many other private-label offerings, Reid’s is a fully-stocked specialty food market and restaurant with all the bells & whistles. With a full-selection meat counter, deli, cheeses and wines galore, you’re gonna need a bigger basket!

And they not only stock some of the hottest wines out there, they go to great lengths to create their own private-label wines that have become major crowd-pleasers!  We sipped a few…read on…

Reid’s Chardonnay…

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALKGreenville

Smooth, refreshing, and easy-going, this is a white wine that even the most staunch red drinker can embrace.  The grapes for Reid’s Chardonnay are selected when ripe and bursting with flavors to fashion a  rich, bold, luscious wine that then rests in used French oak barrels.  Marci’s Reserve has a unique creaminess that flourishes with stone fruits kissed by delicate lemony notes.  Its long, lovely, vanilla finish makes it irresistible.

Reid’s Pinot Noir…

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALKGreenville

This is a crowd-pleasin’ red!  While the Chardonnay is the white wine for red-drinkers, this is the red that the die-hard white-wine-drinker could fall for. Fruit flavors, structure and minerality are the key components in this Pinot Noir.  Layered in flavors driven by Bing to black cherry, rhubarb, and Reid’s signature spice component, it has incredible dimension and depth.  The subtle minerality enhances its structure providing its exceptional ability to pair with almost any food.

Leyla Rutherford Bench Cabernet Sauvignon…

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALKGreenville

This is a beautiful wine, folks…from start to finish!  Made from vines grown in the complex soils of the famous “Rutherford Bench” in Napa Valley, it bursts with the aromas and flavors of dark cherry and plum.  These generous flavors take center stage on the palate, while cinnamon, clove, and dark chocolate gracefully add a layer of complexity.  The integration of French oak and fine-grained tannins complete the taste of this incredibly elegant creation.  We want to keep this one flowing…beggin’ darling please, Leyla!

Burger Tuesday and more…

Photo from Reid’s

“Burger Tuesday” has become a cult-favorite in Charlotte, so we know where we will want to be on Tuesdays from now on!  And there will be something to draw fans throughout the day, every day.  From coffee and breakfast offerings to “hand-built” sandwiches & salads for lunch to the seventy-five seat wine bar (and the potential for live-music at times), we might just need to move in! 

If you drop by for dinner, you can grab a wine off of the shelf and enjoy it with no corkage. (Beer & liquor drinkers, take note…they have you covered in that area as well!) And as they have done in previous stores, they will be offering fully-prepared holiday meals for your home-dining pleasure. Just plan to order early!!

Photo from Reid’s

Opening is currently scheduled for mid-October, but check out the website (reids.com) for all the latest news (and sign up for their daily updates while you are at it). The Greenville location will be similar to the Myers Park store in Charlotte, so take a look at their menus and other offerings if you want a preview of things to come. Hours are currently slated for 7 am – 10 pm, so once they cut the ribbons and open the doors, you have no excuses!

Reids for Fine Foods . 1 North Laurens Street . Greenville . reids.com