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Just when we think our fair city has reached its pinnacle with new and interesting drinkin’ establishments, another one comes along and knocks our socks off! It seems that while we were all squirreled away in our covid bubbles, the building and the booming downtown didn’t take a break. And now that we are on the brink of full quarantine release (please…we are optimistic), we have found the perfect place for bustin’ out! Perched high above our old Greenville News stomping grounds, Juniper – NOW OPEN on the top floor of the brand new AC Hotel – is about to be the “next big thing”!

Photo by Nathan Gray

A little something for everyone…

No matter the mood, the crowd, or the appetite, Juniper has it covered (or uncovered). This rooftop spot offers every kind of seating imaginable…bar, table, indoor, outdoor, quiet, buzzy…with cocktails and nibbles to match. Let Baileigh, lead mixologist extraordinaire, work her magic behind the bar with one of her cocktail creations and let the kitchen wow you with one of their shareable plates, then just take in that view and let the magic begin.

Photo by Nathan Gray

Risk it for Hibiscus…

While immersed in this upscale, vine-covered oasis with a view like no other, it would only be right to sip on an equally intoxicating cocktail. Inspired by a memorable hibiscus olive oil cake that Baileigh baked in culinary school, this tequila-based beverage is as tasty as it is beautiful with edible glitter, hibiscus sugar rim and a cloud-like topper. Maestro Dobel Silver tequila, house made hibiscus simple syrup, lemon juice and a blood orange olive oil come together perfectly to create a divine flavor and texture -and the foam is actually made from aguafaba, a vegan alternative to egg whites – who knew? This stunner is like sipping on a beautiful sunset!

Photo by Nathan Gray

All She Wrote….

This elixir is a take on The Last Word, and this take is clearly an elevated version!  An herbaceous St. George gin is mixed with Chartreuse, lemon juice and Italicus Bergamotto liqueur (bergamot is a very sour lemony orange and is a main ingredient in Earl Grey Tea – fun fact) and finished with a spritz of Absinthe on the glass. And just when you think it can’t get any better- hand-spun cotton candy tops it off creating a magical experience as the colors turn from green to blue as it slowly dissolves.  The heady, aromatic flavor and smooth, velvety finish create the ultimate sensory experience.

Photo by Nathan Gray

Kings & Jokers….

Named after a college drinking game, this beverage will bring back fond memories and create some really fun new ones!  Havana Club Anejo Blanco rum, Chinola passion fruit liqueur, butterfly pea flower infused rum (for color), and lime are combined and blended with a house-infused papaya shrub (a healthy drinking vinegar) to create a unique and adventurous experience.  This one will kickstart your tastebuds in the best way possible!

Photo by Nathan Gray

Hop that trolley….

Now, we have seen our share of table-side “shows”…guacamole, Caesar salads, the occasional Baked Alaska…but a cocktail trolley?!  Be still our hearts!!  Juniper will delight guests with special table-side mixology sessions with a brilliant Gin Trolley featuring (of course) every imaginable gin along with the accoutrements to create mind-blowing bespoke cocktails. Now, if that trolley could only add our streets to its route!

The old Greenville News home place…with a giant upgrade…

Although it was bittersweet to see the old, iconic Greenville News home-place go, we could gush on about this place…and the space. The artwork alone (featuring some of our favorite local talents) is a sight to behold. And stay tuned for more on “The Press Room”, a speak-easy with a clever nod to our iconic employer.

Make your reservations now…Juniper is calling your name!

Juniper. 315 South Main . Greenville . junipergvl.com . 864-720-2950

Angi Einstein and Alex Ryan. http://www.therarebelle.com