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Can it possibly be true, that old saying about keeping the doctor away?  Well, these belles never claimed to have anything resembling a medical degree…we leave that to the professionals…but we have actually come to the conclusion that a good old apple can be just about the perfect snack/breakfast/lunch…yes, we have even been known to nosh on one for dinner!  Add a tablespoon or two of freshly ground almond butter (our favorite is Fresh Market…but Whole Foods comes a close second) with a pinch of sea salt, and you have quite the power meal!  Yum!!

One of us has had an apple habit for quite awhile and introduced the non-breakfast-eating one of us to it. Lo and behold, she liked it!  Lets see if you are willing to give it a try after reading these benefits:

Apples have been shown to:  reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, reduce the risk of stroke, regulate blood sugar helping to reduce the risk and symptoms of diabetes, help prevent some types of cancer, and aid in the prevention of heart disease.  They are an excellent source of antioxidants…a very good thing…with the highest concentration being in the peel (which is why I buy organic..pesticides…not a good thing). Bonus…apples and other whole fruits and vegetables are REAL FOODS…nothing pre-packaged or artificial in sight!

Read more on the benefits of this little goodie:


By the by…if you have already tossed out a resolution or two, this might be an easy update to get you back on track!!

Belles ringing here…how about there?