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One really cool new find is this sporty piece of bling we recently started wearing. Even though we work out like crazy women and do a pretty smart job of eating well (while enjoying more than an occasional treat), this little jewel is pretty nifty at keeping us on track and even more aware of just how well (or poorly) we are treating ourselves. With a quick set-up and the download of an app, we can now keep track of steps, sleep, distance covered, water intake…all of the little things that add up to success in taking care of these bodies!


It inspires a bit of internal and external competition, too! If we happen to notice that we might fall short of one of our goals, we are quick to remedy the situation with a quick walk, some stair running or some jumping jacks. Whatever it takes to stay ahead (and not be outdone by the other belle or, heaven forbid, one of our husbands!). Go get ’em!!

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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband