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Okay y’all,

True friends share, “belle” friends share their best finds. In this case it’s a salad dressing. Now it’s important that you understand we are genuine snobs about salad dressing. We snub our noses and curl our lips at that bottled stuff. We pride ourselves on making our own dressings and experience glee that it tastes soooo much better than anything you find at the supermarket.

But we make one exception to the above statement. A vinaigrette from the French Poodle in Carmel, California. They have converted us…just this once. So much so that we have given it to friends as gifts. Packaged in wine bottles, a little goes a long way.

The French Poodle knows their salad dressing. We should know. We order it a case at a time.


french poodle vinaigrette