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“Workout” and “exercise” can sometimes sound like dirty words. Granted, a good run alone or a walk with the dogs can be great for clearing your thoughts and boosting the mood, but doesn’t it seem so much more pleasant (and less of a chore) when you have a partner (or a few) to keep you company and share the misery?

We kicked off our new year by wearing our new Fitbit fitness bands to help keep us on track, but we had both already bought into the whole “take care of you” idea. We support each other and other friends on our quest to stay fit by planning activities together and holding each other accountable. On Sundays, we have a group who meets for a power walk and talk session. Honestly, I think we could solve the world’s problems with this group of get-the-job done girls in no time flat!! We also each have a workout (there’s that dirty word again) partner. We both actually go somewhere with a friend and PAY someone to make our muscles ache! Now, we aren’t saying you have to do the same…we just want to encourage all of our sweet belles to pair up and get busy if you aren’t already doing it. You won’t believe how great it feels!! Strong body, check. Clear head, check. Girl time, check check 😉


You go, girl!