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From one of our favorite blogs, Finding Beautiful Truth, we found this January “do” list. Thought it was worth sharing…
a few of her do’s worth a little shout-out…

from Country Living

Number 1… Invite family over for weekend brunch.   Try relaxing together for a leisurely meal without the pressure of the holidays. FindingBeautifulTruth suggests some belle-ringin’ recipes from Country Living, but you can also take the easy way out with quiche from Whole Foods and a big salad.  The point is…enjoy each other!

Number 2…drink 100 ounces of water every day. Remember, this is technically just a list for January…maybe to flush out all of those holiday toxins…and we “get it” that 100 oz might be a bit much. But water just makes a belle feel good and our S’well bottles help tremendously!  Give it a try (at least for the next 23 days)

from Target.com

Number 3…fill a 2016 planner with important dates for the whole year ahead (or enter them in your iCalendar for a more permanent, year-after-year option).  Get busy, belles!

Number 7…buy some pretty thank you notes online or these from our local paper-haunt, Gages on Augusta, for the task at hand


from recipe.com

Number 8…FindingBeautifulTruth has some excellent suggestions for those meatless monday meals

Pretty sure these are totally “doable do’s”.   


And now check out the Glamour don’ts for the new year…(click the link for their full list). Although we have praised the benefits of thong underwear here, and our FitBits herehereherehere, and here (we kinda like them…and we don’t think we go terribly overboard)…we do see the benefits of simplifying and relaxing a bit. 

Bottom line (pun intended…remember, we said “thong” above..tee hee) is…  YOU do YOU in 2016!!  Do what makes you feel good which will help you be a good mother, wife, friend, daughter, daughter-in-law and all the other things you might be. 

Happy, happy, belles!