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We belles love our fitbits.  We both use the Fitbit Flex, and you can get yours at Amazon.com. By the way, if you haven’t, you should, really…how many times do we have to tell you????

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And now for the fashionabelle part.  We found a little company by the name of Bezels and Bytes.  They have come up with most fashionable, stylish Fitbit accessories to have you stepping with style!  Now you can dance the night away, stroll through a garden tour, sashay on a date, etc…and get credit every step of the way. Can’t get better than that!! Chic, functional, and healthy!! This basketweave bracelet is our first choice, but we love them all. We are also waiting very impatiently for the gold bangle!! 

We can wear this one tres simply…  Or wear it a la race to the elbow….which of of course we belles are partial to…more is more and accessories galore…just sayin!  

 Now that’s fashionabelle!!!

Bezels and Bytes has some beautiful options…so don’t be shy, be fit.  Time to step with style!!