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Belles love sharing…that’s just what we do.  When we find something fabulous, we pass it on; and we get giddy when our fellow-belles do the same for us!   Some of our favorite belles have jumped on the bandwagon lately, passing on their belle-worthy finds. Here’s the latest…

Eating is always on the schedule, and finding a delicious, already prepped gourmet delight is worth it’s weight in gold…especially one that could be dinner or cut up into bite-sized portions for a spontaneous gathering. Our sweet Izzie belle just shared a favorite from Trader Joe’s.  The Tarte aux Brie et Tomates is a gourmande’s (and a belle’s) delight.  She recommends cooking it a wee bit longer than the directions call for and we agree.  A little party in your mouth!   

And Brie just calls for a cocktail doesn’t it? With warm weather finally here and outdoor entertainin’ in the plans, a refreshing one is certainly in order!  Our gal pal, Kathy, recommends Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka (which can be found at Total Wines and Costco!!).

The cocktail Kathy suggests? A Southbound Greyhound, of course. (because heading south is always a good idea…just sayin’)

The Southbound Greyhound

For 10-12 belles (recipe courtesy of Uptown Magazine)

  • 2 bottles of deep Eddy Ruby Red vodka
  • 4 small bottles club soda (total of 16 ounces)

Mix the vodka and soda in a pitcher.  Serve over ice and arnish with lime.

via Pinterest

And now that you’ve had some apps and a few adult bevs, let’s balance out all the fun with some taste thrills that are good for you to boot!! We can always rely on our culinary pro, Cathy, to lead us in the right direction. Everything she makes is addictive, delicious, and on the healthy side. Guilt-free gourmet all the way! She recently shared the best broccoli salad that is easy and will keep…if you can keep your paws out of the bowl, that is…which we could not.  That’s just how we roll.
Raw Broccoli Salad with Cumin and Lemon 

(from Daily Unadventures in Cooking)


via Daily Unadventures in Cooking

We changed nothing in the above recipe (unheard of!), but for those of you who find cilantro to be the equivalent of eating soap…not one of our issues, mind you…fresh parsley can be used instead. You will still find it to be a refreshing dish to have in your larder!!

So there you have it…a delightful trio. Thank you, fellow belles…keep chimin’ in!!!