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Now that fashion contains a seemingly never-ending selection of spandex, jeggings, and leggings (all of which we embrace…within reason), there seems to be an increase in the dreaded panty line (gasp!).

Now let’s be very clear here…nobody looks good with a panty line! And y’all might not be able to see it on yourselves, but believe us when we tell you that the rest of the world can! The only socially responsible answer is to provide a reasonable solution. Being that belles like choices and have certain, shall we say…preferences, we have three very viable options for you.

The first up is a g-string…there, now that we have said it, we don’t have to feel awkward anymore (not as awkward as panty lines look anyway). Now, this isn’t just any underpinning…we can’t have you chafing, or uncomfortable, or distracted by foreign materials in all the nooks and crannies of your nether regions. We have found the gold standard, nay the platinum standard, of unmentionables. Cosabella makes the g-string to beat all g-strings…the talco g- string.


They are available at cosabella.com and Zappos. Or…if your are a local belle…visit one of our favorite local haunts, Savvy, for a little retail therapy along with your Cosabella purchase.

The second necessity is the Hanky Panky Bare thong. This particular style comes in quite handy if you are wearing anything slinky. Often, even if the fit is perfect, a clingy fabric can show the slightest hint of a line. These keep that from happening.

Purchase yours at NeimanMarcus.

Last, but not least by any means, we have a suggestion for those of you who just can’t “go there”…or for those times when you might prefer a little extra coverage. These are a proper panty, but they are made with no seams or elastic anywhere…and they are incredibly thin. Given those factors, we have found them to be the best panty option to avoid lines.


Naomi and Nicole makes a wonderful edge hipster. Available at Amazon.

Here is what it boils down to, belles. First and foremost, please, we beg of you…on bended knee…to try the Cosabella. It is a life-changer. Just try one pair, we promise you’ll go back for more.

Secondly, we firmly believe there is no one perfect pair that works 100% of the time. Cut, fabric, seasons, coverage, etc…all play factors. And, as much as we wish it were so, we have yet to find the one and only underpinning that we belles must have. All belles need a repertoire…nay, an arsenal…of underpinnings from which to choose. If you’ve covered all the bases, then you’ll be prepared for every situation. And believe us, they will come up, crop up, creep up….so stock up, belles!!