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Now that we have tackled the dreaded panty line (see yesterday’s post) we felt it would be a terrible disservice to leave things hanging in the bra department (get it…wink, wink?)

The ancestor to the modern-day bra (yikes!)

Yes…mothers (and even grandmothers) have always encouraged us to take care of “the girls”. We suppose experience…and gravity…taught them a thing or two. So how is it that one of us (and very likely many of our belle-friends out there) has never taken this issue seriously?

For one…camisoles with shelf bras, sports bras (including those awesome Lululemon racer-backs), allow us to escape the trappings of the dreaded brassiere quite often.

Our favorite Lululemon racer-back tank…a wardrobe staple…
(more on our favorite activewear in future posts)

The second reason for the delay in taking the “plunge” (get it?) into purchasing a couple of good bras? Seems most retailers expect us all to be in the 36C range…give or take a couple of band and cup sizes. Well, guess what? Some of us might be a touch on the smaller side, and we are not at all ashamed!

First, a sizing lesson…

Confusing as it might be…a “C” is not always a “C”! This diagram explains that the “F cup” that is sewn onto a 30 band is exactly the same cup that would be sewn onto a 36 band as a “C”. In other words…if said belle happened to feel respectable at a 30D…she might feel like hanging her head in shame when she realizes that if she happened to be a 36 band, she would be a mere 36A. Sad.

Now…when this belle decided it was time to give bra-shopping a go…again…the old frustrations seemed to creep right back up. Certain “grown-up” establishments just don’t carry the sizes at the bottom of the spectrum. They sent her to…wait for it…Victoria’s Secret. Really??

Well, who knew “Victoria” could be the mature (we use this term loosely…we ARE belles, after all) belle’s best friend? Turns out, Victoria’s “secret” all along has been that she has more than racy, lacy, cheetah-print bras and thongs…and she knows a thing or two about fit. Score!!

The sweet, perky dressing room staff went right to work, obediently listening to the requests for no crazy colors or patterns…and no pushing “the girls” up to an unnatural height (let’s not go overboard!). The goal: basic, comfortable support. Nothing fancy…just every-day functional. And, boy, did Victoria deliver!! Seems she has a couple of cuts that run a bit on the smaller side. Band issue solved. And with all of the different shape and cut options, this belle found THE answer to her decades-long bra-quest! The faves:

The “Body by Victoria Demi Bra”

This one is comfortable beyond belief…and a perfect fit! Bonus…the straps can crisscross when a racer-back is what the belle needs!

And to take the racer-back to a more permanent level…try the “Body by Victoria Front-close Racerback Demi”

Again…completely comfortable and a perfect fit!

And last, for a super-comfortable every-day option, try the “T-shirt Demi”

With the right fit, you barely even know you are wearing it!

So…if you are one of those belles who has worn the same, uncomfortable size for years, even decades, pull yourself up by that uncomfortable bra-strap and go find the nearest expert! You, and the girls, will not regret it!

Strap up, belles!