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Ok…time for a mid-year check-in. Yes, believe it or not, as of midnight tonight, 2014 will be 6 months down, six months to go. Heavens to Betsy! Remember those resolutions you made back in January? How’s that workin’ out for ya?


Now, we must admit…each year, by about January 31 (or before), we usually can’t remember whatever it was that we resolved to do in the heat of the moment as the ball dropped in Times Square just a few short weeks earlier. (Sound familiar? We thought so!). Well, we have discovered yet another “perk” of blogging…we now have a published record of all that we have shared with our fellow belles…including any advice that we might have given about diet and fitness (two MAJOR themes of the typical New Year’s resolutions, duh)

One such post had to do with the Fitbit fitness bands we started wearing at the beginning of the year.


We were loving the friendly competition the bands had inspired in us and we were intrigued by the information we were suddenly able to gather about our bodies and fitness routines. And, guess what? We are still going strong! Our goal was to become AWARE…we wanted to know how many steps we got in a typical day, how far we could push ourselves (at the end of a 20,000 + step day, we are dragging!), how efficient our bodies are at burning calories, how restful (or not) our sleep is each night…

For example:
– It takes petite belle about 15 minutes to fall asleep…and once she’s out, she’s out!
– sadly, even on a very active day, we don’t burn as many calories as we thought…we now know that little treats are wonderful…we just can’t go overboard (good to know!)
– we have walked around 2 million steps and covered over 800 miles on foot since January

We now know all of this and more! Armed with all of this information…and being accountable to our Fitbit friends, we are ready to tackle the body changes that seem to come as we age (yes…belles DO age…they just try to do it as gracefully as possible).

So…you still have half of 2014 ahead, belles. It’s not too late to revisit that resolution and accomplish that goal!


Go for it, belles!