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We have to admit that we are a little like magpies, constantly drawn to anything shiny. So, it stands to reason that lacquer would become one of our latest obsessions.

Our homes are ever-changing works in progress (hey, a belle is what she is!)…and walls are a virtual canvas that can add elegance, intimacy, sophistication, and interest to a room. Highly lacquered walls are beyond chic and oh, so shiny!! In a den, dining room, bathroom or living room, this wall treatment is On Another Level!!!

There is a little work involved…somewhat time consuming even. But the end result??? To die for!!

Here are a few examples that sent us over the edge.

Via Pinterest

I mean, c’ mon, don’t you just want to wrap yourself in it?

Via Pinterest

Or feel like you are living inside a Tiffany’s box?

Via Pinterest

And this yummy room…the color… And don’t get us started on fret work….

Via Pinterest
And for all you timid belles out there who just want to tiptoe into this scrumptious pool of glossiness…. How about just the ceiling? Divine

And the piece de resistance …
Our humble little ole selves gently suggested to a friend that her dining room was the perfect spot to try out this reflective finish….here’s how it turned out. And the pictures don’t even begin to do it justice!!


Mind you, this is a work in progress. New walls and new carpeting, complete. Upholstery and sconces, etc, still to come. We will be sure to keep you posted as this belle room unfolds!!

We love laquered walls and hope you might be feeling a bit magpie-ish yourselves 😉 Ding, ding!!