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Our junior belles have a school break, and as any proper mother belles would do, we decided it would be wise to take them on an “educational” trip. (Not to mention…we have both had a hankering to revisit some of our favorite Parisian haunts). As you can tell by the lingo that slips from our lips, we have long had a love affair with all things French. Time to hand down the addiction!!

Follow us here and on Instagram for our latest and greatest finds as we make our way through the city of light…some old, some new. We will share everything from packing to perusing, cultural jaunts, food tours, fashion finds, and a treasure trove of delightful adventures. We will try to keep the mishaps to a minimum and surprises magnifiques to a maximum.

Don’t forget to shadow us on Instagram for sure…and the blog if we can figure to out. Remember…we’re just learn in’.

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