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Our dear belles…should we ever settle for just ho-hum? Why, never! Not us! When it comes to what we wear, what we eat, what we do…we want fabulous, don’t we? Well, here’s a little belle ringer for your belle maison. When you are stumped as to how to create some “wow” in a room, don’t fret, do fretwork!!

Here are some beautiful examples…

from sybaritic spaces.blogspot.com

from sybaritic spaces.blogspot.com

sybariticspaces via Elle Decor

sybariticspaces via Elle Decor


We have both been doing a little updating lately (actually…we are in a constant state of update…much to our husbands’ dismay), so when we found this touch of fabulous-ness, we just went all giddy with the possibilities!! Cut to order in some of the most amazing patterns, there is sure to be one that is perfect for any project you can conjure up in that pretty little head.

Some of our favorites from fretworksdesigns.com:

fretwork - Oxmoor

fretwork -Homewood

This pattern is Homewood

So, a few months ago, one of us realized it was time for a major overhaul of the master bedroom. Living in a nearly 90-year-old house, storage had become a touchy subject (i.e. – a certain husband might not be allowed to open the door to the wife’s “extra” closet because said closet, tiny as it may be, is so chock full of treasures, a purse and shoe avalanche could be set off merely by the low pitch of a male gasp…it’s take your life in your own hands dangerous!!).

Well, what’s a belle to do? Create as many places for storage as possible. In this case, we decided that some cleverly designed built-in cabinets could take the place of the typical bedside table/chest, and the cabinet doors could become a fabulous fret-work-of-art! The doors were built with mirrored insets…and the fretwork worked the rest of the magic.

The fretwork (pattern is Oxmoor) was painted to match the cabinetry and fit perfectly into the space on the doors thanks to some accurate measurements on our part and skillful craftsmanship from Fretworks Designs LLC. http://fretworksdesigns.com/

Check out the photos of this project on their site here: http://fretworksdesigns.com/built-in/

A before and after view:



Now, our dears, how could we possibly stop at these cabinet doors with this fab treatment? Just imagine the doors, walls, headboards, chests, and countless other ho-hum spaces that stand to benefit! Heads spinning and belles ringing!!