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Sadly, we can’t take the credit for coming up with this brilliant idea. Pinterest has been one our entertainment tools of late as we have been stuck in our homes for what seems like a coon’s age.

This neck of the woods is unaccustomed to being accosted by such frigid, aggressive, and downright abrasive weather. We scurried into our humble abodes to wait it out. Thanks to being forced to set a spell, we have discovered some interesting things to keep us occupied.

Obviously, we have been wearing our boots a lot, and when we came across this idea, we just HAD to share because that’s what belles DO. Pinterest told us we don’t need boot stands . We can use Manila folders!! What??? They don’t cost a mint (use that money toward the next pair) or fall on your tender toes, they don’t take up room in our meager closets (c’ mon, y’all know belles never have large enough closets) and they neaten things up in a skinny minute!! What’s not to love?!?!


A little multitasking tip like this warms our lil’ ole hearts just when we need it.