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Being moms to a few teen-belles, we are always trying to come up with ways to help the little darlings organize their ever-expanding wardrobes.  (not an easy task as the precious apples have not fallen far from the shop-a-holic-in-denial trees)  Add to those expanding wardrobes the typical dis-organization of the typical teen and the fact that both of our homes were built in the early 1900’s (as in the pre-ready-to-wear-why-would-anyone-need-more-than-a-cubby-as-a-clothes-closet days!!)

So…when an organizational idea strikes, we implement with abandon!  Take for instance the idea of using pretty coordinating baskets to store certain items in full view, freeing up some very valuable closet real estate.  Take a look at these images for some inspiration…


Jeans work well in baskets because they are somewhat uniform in size and color, and can be folded in a way that allows the impatient prospective wearer to find what she needs at a moments notice


Sandals can be paired up in baskets…again, making it easier for the prospective wearer to find what she needs (much better than the pile in the dark closet)…


and Toms and other cute slip-ons work beautifully as well!

Bonus…if the teen happens to empty the jean basket as she tosses pair-after-pair aside in the getting-ready frenzy, (what…does it sound as though we speak from experience??), it is quite obvious to her upon her return to her chambre exactly where the jeans are to be re-placed (and the sooner the better…just sayin’)

Now, let’s not forget that these little organizational ah-ha’s don’t apply only to baskets and teen-belles.  We can all take advantage of some of these ideas.  Take, for example, one husband’s t-shirt drawer…


This particular husband tended to wear the same 2-3 t-shirts over and over while insisting that “someone” was “stealing” his favorites.  Well, enter this brilliant idea (must give credit to a Pinterest pinner).  Storing the shirts in the drawer with the shirt-front visible allows the husband to do a quick inventory…as often as he pleases…to be sure all of his beloved shirts are present and accounted for.  Now everyone can rest peacefully 😉

We will share other organizational ideas in time…we need to give you belles time to implement these before we bombard you with more!!