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Lettuce wraps…a sneaky little way to get the kids to eat something green…can be THE answer to “what’s for dinner” in oh-so-many ways! As we have noted before, we tend to watch the unnecessary carbs…so when we started thinking outside the bread box, the lettuce wrap options seemed to come from all corners of the world! Today, we want to share a Greek version…but pay attention, belles…we have a couple of other wraps up our sleeves (think Far East as well as South of the Border) that will have ’em scrambling to the table…just sayin’!

First, we must say…the “little gems” (baby romaine heads) from Costco fit the bill for these recipes to a tee. Just the right single-serve size, these baby leaves hold up to the hardiest of fillings…and the flavor doesn’t interfere with even the mildest of seasonings. Pretty much perfect in our book!

And now for the ideas abondant…

To wrap it up Mediterranean-style, start with these quick and easy Lamb Meatballs courtesy of Diners Journal…the New York Times Blog on Dining Out:



and for a couple of hints to make this even easier:

– if you want to skip mixing up the sauce, grab a container of the “Hannah’s Tzatziki Yogurt Dip” or a container of hummus (or maybe both…remember, belles love options) right there in the refrigerator case at Costco. These are excellent with the lamb!
– and to deconstruct the recipe even more…you could skip the forming of the meatballs altogether! Use the seasoning instructions, then brown the ground lamb on the stove-top!

Now, set up a “wrap bar” for the family (and/or guests) to build-their-own…
– baby romaine leaves
– meatballs
– yogurt dip/sauce
– hummus
– tomatoes, chopped

To round out the meal, serve our Cucumber, Tomato and Feta Salad from the “Cool as a Cucumber” post (Thursday, June 19, 2014).

That’s a wrap, belles!