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Here’s a little emergency, bonus post. We feel compelled to remind you, dear belles, that you need not put away all of your white now that we have moved past Labor Day and toward the looming colder weather (we are kinda ready for some lower temps…aren’t you?).

We have heard many of our belle-friends questioning their fashion options in the last week because they have grown so attached to their white jeans through the summer…and they aren’t even close to being ready to put them away. Stop the madness!! Labor Day is not dooms-day in our book!!

Here’s proof:

This little video from Time gives a bit of history about the “no white after Labor Day” rule…and puts it to rest.

Glamour’s “Stop! Do Not Put Your White Jeans Away After Labor Day”. Says it all…and backs it up with these photos to prove the point:


It’s all in the styling, belles!! Re-visit our posts from April 10 and May 1…for a quick refresher and some great white denim options…

Whew! You’re welcome, belles!