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We belles are quite thankful for all of our family and friends. This time of year just makes us sit back and say, “Wow…how’d I get so lucky?” In fact, all of this thankfulness has us in the mood for some gift-giving (hmmm…convenient as “you-know-what” is just a few short weeks away!). So…we thought we’d share some more gift ideas with you…focusing on the fellas.

(BTW…we’ve been told that the masses will be doing quite a bit of shopping online as the turkey bakes and the Macy’s balloons float across the TV screen…these ideas might help you beat ’em to the “click”)…

We’ve searched high and low to bring you some ideas that will surely take care of at least a couple of ’em. Grab your list, belles…let’s get busy!

First, a few items from Watson Kennedy, “purveyors of fine goods”…

For the wine-drinker…or the nice man who happily corks bottle after bottle for others (ahem…us)…how about this super-cool and retro French Zig-Zag Corkscrew:

And you might pair the corkscrew with these Golf Ball Wine Stoppers

Or along those same lines, how about a Tennis Handle Bottle Opener
(Bonus…they have an option for the golfer as well!)

And for a classic little stocking-stuffer…
How about these Kent Handmade Combs. So retro…and only $12!

Moving along…

Having a man-child who seems to never have time to shave, one belle thought this was the bee’s knees…

This portable shaver from ShaveTech can be charged and used in the car…just right for the man on-the-go…or the college fella who says he “just never has time, Mom”. No excuses now, son.

Next, we all know our men cherish their “best friends”, so why not give them something to acknowledge that bond…

…with a Dog Blueprint from Uncommon Goods. From the Airedale Terrier to the Wire-haired Dachshund, they have almost every breed you can imagine! (Side-note…they also have ballpark blueprints for the baseball fan)

Also from Uncommon Goods…

This Sailcloth Toiletry Bag adds a bit of nautical style to the travelin’ man.

And what man doesn’t need a bit of wisdom?


These paper weights showcasing the infinite wisdom of Uncle Albert are an excellent choice! (And just $36)

For the James Bond wannabe…

These Wifi and USB cufflinks should do the trick. And you get to be a Bond girl…holla!!

Just a couple more, belles. These are from Pottery Barn…go figure!

How about this Saddle Leather eyeglass case


Or perhaps this iPhone case/wallet

At last check…on sale for $9 with free shipping and monogramming. A steal!!

Of course…we could go on ‘n on, but the cookin’ and shoppin’ aren’t going to do themselves. Gotta get busy! Happy Thanksgiving, belles!!