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We belles try to be constantly grateful for all of our “blessins”…but days can get so crazy-busy, we might overlook one or two. So…we thought we would remind ourselves (and you) on this day of thanks to take a break every day to be grateful. Years ago, Oprah started writing down five things that she was grateful for at the end of every day. They were often simple little things like someone holding a door for her…but knowing that she needed to collect 5 things by the end of the day made her really think about it! A very worthwhile activity, don’t ya think?

Another great/grateful idea we ran across…these cards from Uncommon Goods called A Year of Gratitude

They come in a set of 52…one for every week of the year. The idea? Take time once a week to write a note to someone expressing your gratitude. It just might become contagious!!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!