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For this edition of our gift-giving suggestions, we thought we might share some very useful, yet budget-friendly (all under $50!), options. We are regular “goop” readers and saw a couple of these on her gift ideas post…but we went digging a bit further, keeping prices low and practicality paramount. Hint to either of our mothers, sisters, children…(cough, cough) we kinda like this stuff. Might we find one or two in a stocking or under our trees?? Just sayin’.

From the MoMA Store

The 4-in-1 travel adaptor…$25. Good for the travelin’ belle or fella

And more from the MoMA store…
Nothin’ but blue skies…

The Blue Sky Umbrella… What belle wouldn’t like this overhead on a rainy (or snowy) winter day?? Just $48…or get the collapsible version for $40.

Operate that “rectangle” in the cold…

Keep the fingers warm and in control with these artsy Touchscreen Gloves. A budget-friendly $28…and they come in a man-friendly black and gray, as well!

For the blogger…hint, hint…cough, cough…

This A-Fold iPad Stand makes an awful lot of sense. Come on…it’s only $48!

For the cook…from Sur la table…

This rosemary tree wrapped in burlap would make a delightful delivery! Can be used as part of the holiday decor, but will be used and appreciated well after the tinsel has been cleared! This one will only set you back by $29.95. (And for a local, do-it-yourself delivery…we’ve seen some great rosemary topiaries at Home Depot. Just do a bit of creative wrapping and you’re all set!)

Here’s one that goes a wee bit over budget…$55…but we just had to share:

From Bergdorf Goodman, the Giles & Brother Personalized Skinny Railroad Spike Bracelet is edgy and stackable…so the entire family can be commemorated! (By the way…it’s a bit reminiscent of this little beauty from Cartier…only $7545 less!)

For the younger set…

This Outside the Lines coloring book should keep ’em busy for a bit. Order on Amazon for just $18 or less…and they have other suggestions as well.

Or maybe a book or two…

The Open Ocean is interesting and educational…you might even find yourself curled up with it! From authors Pittau and Gervais who have another couple of books in their repertoire…maybe you should buy a set!

So there you have it, belles…lots of perfectly practical, thoroughly thoughtful options for your gift-giving pleasure.

Ho, Ho, Ho!