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Time to plan that New Year’s menu, belles…yes, more food!!! But, there’s no need to allow this occasion to dash our resolve to make a healthy start to 2015.

Spinach-Artichoke dip has been around for ages…and is still quite the party-pleaser. And with the added bonus of being 90% (our rough guess-timation) veggies, it has some powerful redeeming qualities.

But here’s a new twist from our friend Gwyn (not really)…posted on goop


It’s a Kale and Artichoke dip that sounds positively belle-icious!!

Think we’ll be giving this one a try. We encourage you to try it as well…remember, on New Year’s Day, greens mean “green” (aka: $$$) for the year ahead.

Wouldn’t want’cha to miss out on that, belles!!!!