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We must share a gift that is perfect for graduation, a special trip, to commemorate a special event or, in this case, an 18th birthday gift!!

This particular birthday-belle has terrific taste and an eye for finding just the right gift. She requested a “coordinates ring”(LINK!!) (which she introduced us to by the by) as it is stylish, unique, fashionable, sentimental and memorable. Just like her!! She wanted the coordinates of a special place in all of our hearts out on the west coast. Of course, we couldn’t possibly deny her and it turned out beautifully.


The jewelry is customizable in several ways: material, finish, outside coordinates, interior engraving (we did her birthday) and even an option for a birthstone.

IMG_1550The ring is beautiful on its own or stacked with other rings. Belles love a race to the knuckle!!

We also love the bracelets…and wouldn’t it be fun to have a few of them representing places that mean the most? We could think of quite a few memorable places we’d like to have on our wrist.


And the necklaces are just as awesome…


Whatever style you choose…for whatever occasion, surely you’ll agree that this is a gift that any belle would adore receiving!  And, yes…that belle just might be you!