While traveling recently, a belle-friend remarked that her dear, late mother was convinced that rolling luggage had ruined our society. “Hmmm…how so?”, we inquired. She reminded us of the times when porters whisked our baggage from carousel to curb…or vice-versa…with speed and authority. They would hail our taxi, help load us up, and make sure the driver had us safely from there. We needed these masters of the service industry…and they needed us. Our tips were their livelihood, and we traveled well-prepared with coins and small bills at the ready.

IMG_2298Photo from http://www.travelforboomers.com

These days, we find ourselves rolling our bags to the taxi line, rolling into hotels, into elevators…rolling, rolling, rolling. Efficient, yes…but in this do-it-yourself world of 2015, have we forgotten the value of those who make our lives a bit easier and provide a little human touch? We might not be tipping the porter quite as often these days, but tipping is still a very belle-thing to do.  We must show those who provide a service that we value their efforts!

Check out this CNN Money article which outlines most tipping situations. Their source: The Emily Post Institute (a belle always trusts Emily Post!)

And here are some of our own rules-of-thumb:

Take-out from our favorite full-service dining establishment…we do 10%

The pet groomer…we do 10% plus a nice little Christmas bonus

The mani/pedi tech…we do 20%…especially if they give us a little extra rubbin’ time

Pizza delivery…consider him your waiter…15-20%

The hairdresser…20% unless she’s the salon owner…and a couple of dollars for the shampoo-er

The movers…full house…$100 per macho man (less for whiners…just sayin’)

Let us know some of your own…and if you think we are way off on any of our standards. A belle is always open for suggestions…