A good friend, Bebe…a belle pal from our college days…shared a great discovery which is very much in keeping with our love of cocktailing!

Via fancy.com

Wouldn’t these be a tremendous gift for anyone ? And we don’t mind saying they would be a great gift for yourself!  Order them at fancy.com .

Another belle suggested we try a great wine. She swears that every time she serves it up, people ask about it and love the smooth crisp flavor.  We obliged and tasted…who are we to argue??  The results are in and we agree…bring on the Vouvray!   Available locally at Northampton wines. Also online at wines.com.

So cool off with a sip or two…just sayin’

Now y’all are going to need to coat those bellies with something tasty while you sip away.  Our favorite Cajun belle Camille shared her secret to cooking all those étouffées and gumbos.   

When you don’t have the time or inclination to make a roux from scratch,  Savoies’s is the answer to any chef or non-chef’s prayers. We tried it with our favorite gumbo recipe and it was the best version to date!!  Easily ordered at Amazon.  So do yourself a favor and order up some, y’all won’t regret it…just sayin’…

Keep  ’em coming belles!