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Thought we’d share our latest Talk magazine article with you all…on stands or in your home now!!

whiskey with a love story…perfect for dear ol’ dad

We’ve been drinkin’ on the job again. This time, we did a bit less cocktailing and a bit more tossin’ it back…neat…feelin’ that “buttery burn” of a fine whiskey. Or two. Venturing over the county line in search of the perfect Father’s Day idea, we hit the jackpot (or barrel) at Six & Twenty Distillery. They offer tours to let us regular ol’ whiskey drinkers in on their secrets. We loved it. The dads in your lives will, too!

A Pourable Passion:

This tour gratifies our most important senses: Taste (obviously), knowledge (Farmer is a great storyteller and engaging guide), and people-watching (from the well-dressed couple, to the self-absorbed engineer testing his mettle against our distiller, the crowd was full-up with personality). Given the varied audience and Farmer’s laid-back, easy style, the length of the tour is flexible. Ours ended up being close to two hours. The passion for bourbon knows no time and in true southern spirit you are made to feel right at home. 

Old Money

If you’re a bourbon lover you might be aware of a looming shortage. Thank goodness Six & Twenty is doing their part. Old Money (CHECK ARTICLE FOR DESCRIPTION) was developed using their Virgin wheat whiskey, a pure and clean base but with youthful attitude .  Turning the virgin Whiskey at into Old Money for a couple of reasons. Maintaining their profile by making their own bourbon and, well…not everyone marries for love….

Six & Twenty Five Grain…

This is a strong, solid, swarthy liquid. It takes your breath away as it hits your tongue and then captures your attention with its warmth and steady but inciting burn. A bourbon that is pure South Carolina, every grain is grown and purchased locally. From start to finish, a true southern gentleman…perfect for the dads in your life.

The love story…

 …it’s how these fellas came up with their name, “Six & Twenty”. Back before the Revolutionary War, Choctaw maiden, Issaqueena, was captured by the Cherokee. She overheard their plan to attack a trading post that housed her British lover. To warn him, she escaped and rode ninety-six miles, marking places by the number of miles she had ridden…Three & Twenty Creek, Six & Twenty Creek, and, finally, Ninety-Six, the town!  All ended well…and a distillery got a kick-ass name!

Now, we know our job is really about cocktails, but you gotta start somewhere right? We suggest taking dad, the father of your grandchildren, or the man who gave you yours on this adventure, treating him to his favorite bottle of hooch, and then (because dads deserve it), fixing him a nice drink, neat, on the rocks, or mixed he if must. After all, it’s all a labor of love.

Look ’em up & take dear ol’ dad for boozy tour!