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So…Sunday is Father’s Day. Have you done your shopping??  If not, it’s not too late to knock his socks off!  Try these winners…he will be proud he raised ya right!

For the brown-liquor lover…

We’ve talked about Six & Twenty distillery before. Now’s your chance to go grab a bottle or two…or more!  If you aren’t here in yeah that greenville, find a neat scotch or bourbon and wrap it up!

He will love anything Yeti. Click here for local retailers…and hightail it over to pick one up. Pronto!

Our local go-to for the fashionable dad, Rush Wilson will be sure to have a little stylish somethin’. 

For the dad-chef…how about a New York Butcher Shop gift card??  (and if you’re not local, try The Fresh Market…or any gourmet-type hotspot)

Perhaps a Suunto …or Timex …or Bertucci …or Nixon watch …all (and more) available at Half-Moon Outfitters

For the outdoorsy dad…

from Half-Moon Outfitters

Let him feel included in the crowd with a paddle board

Or how about an Eno?  Click here to locate a store. Ya might even pick up two so that y’all can “hang around” together!

Times a-wastin’!