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We told you about our Maine experience a couple of weeks ago (read here) and went on & on about the food…lobster to be specific. Some of the best lobster rolls can be found at the shabbiest road-side dives all along the coast, and we sampled our way for miles-n-miles!  Our favorite was at McLaughlins Lobster Shack in Lincolnville Beach.  Just take a gander…

Well…not that we can even come close to duplicating their perfection…we have found a worthy substitute. If you can’t make it to Maine this summer, you can at least pretend!!

From our dear friend, Gwyneth (she doesn’t know that we are so dear to her…but perhaps one day she will realize what she’s missing), here is an authentic stab at this delightful creation (with a side of fries to boot!)

From goop …


and for the fries

One thought…we suggest you consider using a fresh loaf of Italian bread, sliced like a 2-inch (or wider) piece of toast in the place of the hotdog buns as a slight variation. Granted, the hotdog bun is a classic…but the bread allows for that chance to brush a bit of olive oil on the cut sides so that it can be grilled or toasted. Simply split it in the middle and fill. Just a belle’s two cents.