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Sangria…not your mother’s boxed Gallo wine, tired fruit and boatload of sugar here…heavens no!  Fresh peaches, a few strawberries for color, a light simple syrup (because a belle has to watch her girlish figure) and a good bottle of champagne will have y’all making this reto bev that has become so very au courant.

We were recently staying at a belle pal’s beach house for a little r&r when, lo and behold, we made the thrilling discovery that we had just what we needed for a little sangria moment of our own!!
So we chopped up some farm fresh peaches and strawberries…..


Made a little simple syrup with equal parts sugar and water brought to a boil and reduced for a few minutes…..

Let the fruit soak in simple syrup for a couple of hours.  We added a glug or two from the remains of last nights champers….


We do love the bubbles!!!!!

After a cooling off period in the fridge , we spooned the glorious fruit concoction into our thirsty cocktail glasses and topped with fresh champagne…Voila!! 

A beautiful cocktail to match the view!!  By the by, these incredible bracelets are from Budha Girl. They are great reminders about intent, gratitude and being in the present. See our post here. We love the notion of mindful glamour, and who doesn’t need a gentle reminder to stop, breathe, and live in the moment? 

Now while you don’t really need a recipe, we do know that most of y’all prefer at least a little guideline. So we found our favorite sangria recipes with a twist here ,here and here. 

So get creative, have fun, and put a little produce in your libation!!