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We are not bragging when we say we know our hair products. Our hair is a priority. A hair appointment will take precedence over just about anything…just sayin. And we are very tolerant…unless you touch our hair…then the Tasmanian belle comes out.  Don’t mess with the hair!! 

We have thoroughly researched every hair product and procedure…mainly because one belle in this duo has an inordinate amount of hair that is thick, wavy and frizzy when in its natural state. Let’s be clear…since the invention of the flat-iron, Japanese hair straightening, Brazilain Blowouts and frizz-fighting products, it’s been a coon’s age since we’ve seen “the natural state”.

We don’t recommend many hair products because we are a bit particular, and there are very few that fit all the requirements or work to our satisfaction. But, we seem to have found a blue-ribbon winner, belles!

Blonde belle tried it on her aforementioned horse hair and was pleased. But since she has a Brazilian blowout, it really couldn’t be given the a-okay quite yet.

So, a beach-bound belle and her daughter were the next testers. No hair dryers or tools were used…just air drying. Results? Huge success!! So much so that mom came back empty handed because her offspring could no longer live without it. 

The final tester was our very own baby belle. She has beautiful golden curls, but sometimes the frizz gets in the way. Unless she is straightening her lovely locks, she only air-dries to keep the frizz at bay.  We have tried an inordinate number of products and methods to no avail. Until now that is… 

The anticipation is killing you isn’t it??? Well, wait no longer…here it is :

Surface curls smoothing cream
This is a product that met the approval of 4 very hair-conscious belles…what more could you ask for?  Off you go now…your hair will thank you!