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We ran across an article in the September INSTYLE that really rang our belle!  It listed loads of helpful tips from the “experts” on how to make any room look like you really know what you’re doing on the design-front. (and when in doubt…fake it, belle!!)

Here you go…in no particular order…we think they are all worth a share…

the Collins Sconce from Pottery Barn

66 inches…

Wall sconces should be installed just above eye level…around 66 inches from the floor…so the light doesn’t shine directly at you (and if you hang them too high, they will light the ceiling instead of the room

from homedit.com

30 inches…

your bed is generally about 30 inches from the floor…so why not put your nightstand on the same level??  That makes it the perfect height for the alarm, the book, the water…whatever needs to be within reach

from bestbuy.com

8 feet…the best distance for viewing a 42″ TV (the most common size) is 8 feet.  Adjust from there for larger or smaller screens


2 inches…An insert that is 2 inches larger than your pillow covers will make pillows seem plush and generous.

the Hunter Sofa from mgbwhome.com

84 inches…this is the minimum length for a comfy sofa that will seat up to four people (or one adult lying down). This size also plays nicely with a standard 60-inch coffee table.

the Hunter Sofa from mgbwhome.com

1 inch…leave an inch between furniture and the wall…this keeps the upholstery from looking squished and the paint from getting scuffed (a win-win)

29 watts…apparently,  GE’s 29 W Halogen Frosted bulb is the most face-flattering of all bulbs out there.  Thank goodness someone is studying this!!  A belle always wants/needs to look her best.  Just sayin’…


This one photo has a plethora of belle-ringing decorating numbers…

7 feet…always hang an overhead lighting fixture at least 7 feet above the floor  (don’t want your NBA-sized friends bumpin’ a noggin’)

18 inches…we don’t want you (or those NBA-sized guests) bumpin’ a shin, either.   Leave 18 inches between your coffee table and the sofa or other seating

62 inches…the center of your artwork should be between 62 and 66 inches from the floor…that’s the standard measurement in most galleries (and it just makes for good viewin’)


1 1/2 inches…for a tailored drape, allow a break of no more than 1-2 inches (too much puddling can be messy for a tailored, streamlined curtain)

So there you have ’em, belles. It’s easy as 1-2-3 (or 66-30-8-2…)

Happy homing!